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Ben Rengstorf (Mr. Ben) Culinary Arts
Community Meal

Hello and welcome to Roosevelt Culinary Arts!

My name is Ben Rengstorf. I’m the teacher for culinary education at Roosevelt High School. We currently offer two semester long courses (Culinary Arts Level 1 and Level 2). A third level class is in the works.

I completed a degree in education from the University of Minnesota (Spanish and ELL) in 2006, and have been a classroom teacher ever since. In 2017, I finished a degree in Culinary Arts from Saint Paul College and I am currently working on a degree in Sustainable Food Systems from Prescott College. I’m passionate about education as well as food – it is an honor and joy to bring them together in this program!


In Culinary Arts Level 1 and 2, we learn about anything and everything related to food and cooking. We explore the role food plays in our lives

and our cultures. We analyze recipes, practice all sorts of cooking techniques, and get familiar with a wide range of cooking equipment. We study cuisines and chefs from around the world. And we work towards food justice and sustainability for humans and Mother Earth.


All students are welcome in Roosevelt Culinary Arts, whether brand new or experienced in the kitchen. This class is for students that are interested in a job/career working with food, as well as anyone looking to expand home cooking knowledge. Students also learn lots of lifelong skills that will be helpful no matter what they do, such as project planning, time management, teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving. And we have fun along the way - with lots of delicious food to show for it! 

Service learning is also an important aspect of Culinary Arts. Throughout the year, students plan and prepare Community Meals that are open to the public as a way to put our new skills to use in the real world and bring together people from all over our community.