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How to log on to your class's moodle site:


Step #1:

Go to and click "Log in" in the upper left


Step #2:

Log in via Google using your school email address (ending with

Step #3:

If you have logged on before, you should see a list of your classes on the lefthand menu. (Click the menu open/close icon icon to open the menu)


If you have NOT logged in before:

Step #4:

Find your class name on the list of classes. Be sure to click the class name. Do not click the teacher name.

Step #5:

You will likely get a message that states that you cannot enroll yourself in this course. 

Step #6:

This step is for your teacher. If you did Steps 1 - 5, your teacher can now add you to the class. If they are slow to do so, email them a reminder.