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Roosevelt Urban Farm Squad

Course Description: Students will manage and grow the Roosevelt Urban Farm. The food grown on campus will be a part of the Garden 2 Cafeteria program. Through care and maintenance of the farm, students will learn biology and biochemistry, entrepreneurial and professional skills, social studies and life skills. We will incorporate Native American traditions and farming strategies, and native plants will be integrated into curriculum.






August 27, 2018 Welcome to a new school year! We have carrots, cucumbers, tomatos, green beans, peppers, tomatillos and potatoes growing outside! 


May 23, 2018 Roosevelt Urban Farm Squad has been busy planting and fixing up our farm. So far we have planted: strawberries, tomatos, basil, carrots, onions, kale, cucumbers and peppers. Our garlic is growing. Thanks to a neighbor who donated a bunch of pollinator plants. We added those to the piano out front and our pollinator garden. We recently removed a Siberian Peashrub which is an invasive plant. We hope to remove a White Mulberry as soon as possible, also an invasive. We found Common Buckthorn growing nearby and have been working to remove that as well. 

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