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School Social Work Mission and Vision: 

Mission: We exist to help students reach their full potential. We collaborate with families, staff and community to provide direct service to students and develop school systems that further the social, emotional and academic growth of students.

Vision: Every student mentally, physically and emotionally secure; actively learning and engaged in their education.

Meet Our Licensed Social Workers

Leslie Colerin: Works with students in ALPHA/DCD and general education students with last names A - K. Google # 813-485-5409, text or voice

Suzanne Tema: Works with students in Life Skills and general education students with last names L - Z. # 612-999-8465, text or voice

Karen Jimenez Smith: Works with students who receive Resource Special Education services (9th-12th grades). Google # 612-208-8146, text or voice

 What We Do

  • work with parents, students, and school staff to identify student needs
  • make appropriate referrals to community agencies
  • provide LGBTQA+ support
  • support students and families with social, emotional, and behavioral issues
  • support homeless and highly mobile students and families
  • advocate for students and parents during educational planning
  • support students and families experiencing crisis
  • monitor and intervene with students exhibiting chronic attendance problems
  • help determine eligibility for special education or 504 plans
  • support pregnant and parenting students
  • help students and families with basic needs - food, clothing, shelter
  • hablamos Español


Mental Health and Community Services

LGBTQA+ Support Services

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Multicultural Services