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Travis Seubert- Health/Anatomy & Physiology Teacher

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My name is Travis Seubert. I am one of the health teachers at Roosevelt High School. I instruct 2 classes including: HealthAnatomy/Physiology. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Kinesiology (study of human movement) from the University of Minnesota in 2013. The very next year I earned my Masters of Education degree, also from the University of Minnesota.

Minneapolis Public Schools & Roosevelt High School provided me with my first teaching job. I am currently starting

my sixth year of teaching at Roosevelt.  I work with 9th to 12th graders discussing topics such as nutrition, mental health, relationships, CPR/First Aid, drug & sex education. Many people wonder how I’m able to discuss such uncomfortable and private topics with a class of 30+ students, but I believe it's much easier than what people believe. Roosevelt has provided a great community of diverse students. With this diversity comes a lot of benefits. Many of the topics discussed in health class, there's no one right answer. From day one of class, my students know they have a comfortable space to share their own opinions, experiences, and ask whatever questions they have. This way, students are able to hear information from me, but as well from their peers.


In my spare time I enjoy watching and playing sports. This is one of the reasons I'm starting a new club at Roosevelt this year called Fantasy Sports. I'm very interested in fantasy football, but the club will also consist of leagues for many other sports. Other interests many of my students know of are my passion for golf and the Green Bay Packers. That being said, you could probably guess I’m originally from Wisconsin. I try to visit back home as much as I can. During my summer months, I normally go up north to my family’s cabin to do various activities on the lake and catch up with family. Our dogs, Tucker & Aspen,  love it up at the lake. However,

this past summer was a special one.

My wife, Mary, gave birth to our first child, a baby boy named Owen. Her maternity leave lasted the entire summer so we could spend every minute with our new addition to the family. Our lives have forever been changed, and we've been given a dose of what raising a child is really like. That being said, we love our growing family. And now I can truly say I've experienced how hard being a parent really is. I've come to a better understanding how important the parent-teacher relationship can be. So I want all of my students' parents to view me as a resource and support to help their child in any way they need.

I'm looking forward to the 2019/2020 school year! And I can't wait to help the students at RHS another year of my teaching career!

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