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Roosevelt Specific Testing Dates coming soon.


ACCESS February 2nd & 3rd 2022 - make up testing through March 25th. 

  • CLICK HERE for ACCESS Testing testing schedule breakdown. 

MCA/MTAS 10th Gr Reading & Science | 11th Grade Math. 

  • 11th Grade Math March 16th-18th conducted in math class. 
  • 10th Grade Reading and Science conducted April 6th-8th in English and Science Classes.
  • MTAS will be conducted on a case by case basis throughout the window one on one with student/case managers. 

ACT Tuesday April 19h (11th grade) 

FAST Reading - 9th Gr Fall and Spring

CLICK HERE for MPS 2021-2022 Assesment Calendar.

 MDE Parent Refusal Form (MCA and ACCESS) Pg 3 is signature page.  

FAST Universal Screener Parent Refusal

Turn in to Alanna Martin, Testing Coordinator or email to


May 4

12pm, IB History of the Americas HL

May 5

IB History HL, 8:10am 

AP Statistics, 12pm

May 6 

IB Analysis & Approaches SL, 12pm 

IB Applications & Interpretation SL, 12pm

May 9

IB Analysis & Approaches SL, 8:10am 

IB Applications & Interpretation SL, 8:10am

May 11

IB Biology SL, 12pm 

May 12

IB English A Lang & Lit HL,12pm 

IB English A Lang & Lit SL,12pm

May 16

IB Spanish A Lang & Lit HL,12pm 

IB Spanish A Lang & Lit SL,12pm 

IB Spanish B HL, 12pm 

IB Spanish B SL, 12pm

May 17

IB Spanish B HL, 8:10am 

IB Spanish B SL, 8:10am

May 18

IB Chemistry SL,12pm

June 19

IB French ab initio, 12pm 

IB French B SL,12pm 

June 20

IB French ab initio, 8:10am 

IB French B SL, 8:10am

Questions for IB testing contact