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Law Research Essay

What needs to change in Minneapolis? What new laws does Minnesota need? What problems in our communities need to change? What infrastructure do we need to add?

(infrastructure is something you build or install, like a light rail in North Minneapolis)

Please write your essay in Google Docs, and share them with me (

I will be commenting on your essays as you go.


2) Sources and quotes

a) Right now your paper just has your Thesis Statement, Three Points of Support, and Three Topic Sentences.

b) Add in a blank space for your EXPLAIN sentences. You will write these later.

c) Find articles that agree with your points of support.

i) You need to find 3 different online articles that bolster your 3 points of support.

ii) Search online for 3 different articles that match your points of support.

iii) In each of the 3 articles, find one quote per article that matches your 3 points of support.

CAREFUL! This time your sources matter. Do online research through ELM 4 You or other reputable sources:

ELM 4 You

Primary sources

News sites

Scholarly articles

Government sites (.gov)

Higher Education sites (.edu)

d) Make sure you can find enough information to support your claim.

e) Copy and paste the quotes into your paper.

To copy, highlight text, hold down the CTRL key, and tap C

To paste, click where you want the text to go, hold down the CTRL key, and tap V

f) Makes sure your paper looks like this

g) Move on to the next step