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University of Minnesota Teacher Education Programs Partnership
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Roosevelt is in its third year of a partnership with the University of Minnesota Teacher Education programs.  

Through this partnership, Roosevelt has welcomed more than eleven aspiring teacher candidates through a new co-teaching model for student teaching.  We expect to double that number by the end of the school year.  This model provides for greater teaming on the part of the cooperating teacher and teacher candidate, both working side-by-side for the betterment of Roosevelt students.  These young teacher candidates bring with them innovative new pedagogies and energy, while skilled veteran teachers unpack and pass along the nuances of their own teaching.  
The partnership has also ushered in an infusion of tutors from the University of Minnesota through the undergraduate DirecTrack program.  These college students are volunteering in our Writing Center, in woodshop, automotive, social studies, and Language arts classes, and in the Roosevelt band, working one-on-one with Roosevelt students to further their learning.  
Additionally, Roosevelt has hosted two university methods courses for teacher candidates.  This provides aspiring teachers the chance to learn teaching strategies and skills in a school, rather than from a remote, collegiate location.  Methods instructors might offer a lesson on a particular teaching strategy and then send teacher candidates into classrooms around the school to observe that very strategy in action.  
Finally, through our partnership with the University, we are about to embark on a cutting-edge professional development opportunity for teachers to strengthen their work with English Language learners.  We believe that this developing partnership work will strengthen both the University of Minnesota's work to grow talented and committed teachers and our work to educate Roosevelt students. 
If you have any questions about the University partnership, please contact Jehanne Beaton, T.O.S.A. and RHS/ UMN partnership liaison at or