U.S. Government

Teacher: Mr. Dymoke: daniel.dymoke@mpls.k12.mn.us

Room: 229


U.S Government is a one semester course that is a graduation requirement. Semester 1 will begin August 27th, 2018 and ends on January 23rd, 2019. Semester 2 will begin January 28th, 2019 and end the week of June 3rd, 2019. The semester will be comprised of two quarter marking periods.


TEXTS: We will use Magruder’s “American Government” 2013 edition as our class room text. Sections from the 2007-8 editions will be scanned into Google Classroom.


GRADING: Students will earn points toward their grade from assignments, tests, homework or projects. These points will be totaled at the end of the semester. Students will be assigned grades based on the following scale: A= 87%-100%, B= 73%-86%, C= 59%-72%, D = 48%-58%. Students must earn 48% of all points to receive course credit. There are no extra credit assignments.


TESTS AND ASSIGNMENTS: All assignments are due on the day of the unit test unless otherwise noted. Test dates will be announced in class and listed on the classroom assignment board located on the west wall of the classroom. In addition unit tests will be listed on the course outline.











“Students are responsible for all information on the course outline. I lost my course outline or I did not read my course outline will not be an acceptable excuse in this course.”



First & Third Quarter Units:


Unit #1 “Foundations of American Government”

Essential Questions for Unit #1: How does the American form of government reflect and express the ideals of the worth and rights of individuals, the rule of the majority and the rights of the minority, equality and justice, and the common good? How do the founding documents define the ideals of the United States?

Dates: Semester 1: August 27th, 2018-September 6th, 2018 Test: Friday September 7th, 2018

Semester 2: January 28th, 2019- February 7th, 2019

Test: Friday February 8th, 2019

Select Readings from Chapters 1 & 2


Unit #2 “The Constitution”

Essential Question for Unit# 2: What are the principles behind the constitution and how does it promote the concept of federalism.

Dates: Semester 1: September 10th, 2018- September 22nd, 2018 Test: Friday September 23rd, 2018

Semester 2: February 11th, 2019- February 21st, 2019

Test: Friday February 22nd, 2019

Chapter 3 and selections from Chapter 4





Unit #3: “The Legislative Branch”

Essential Questions for Unit # 3: How do the competing interests of stakeholders create public policy and to what degree do the policies created reflect public interest?

Dates: Semester 1 September: 24th, 2018-October 4th, 2017 Test Friday October 5th, 2018

Semester 2: February 25th, 2019-March 7th, 2019

Test Friday March 8th, 2019

Select readings from Chapters 10, 11, & 12


Unit #4: “The Executive Branch”

Essential Questions for Unit # 4: What are the roles of the president? How does the government of the United States interact with other nations and how do these interactions impact the world?

Dates: Semester 1: October 15th, 2018- October 29th, 2018. Test: Finals: October 30th & October 31st, 2018

Semester 2: March 11th, 2019-March 27th, 2019

Test: Finals March 28th & March 29th, 2019

Simulation: “The Cabinet Meeting”

Select readings from Chapters 13, 14, & 15










Second & Fourth Quarter Units:


Unit #5: “The Judicial Branch”

Essential Questions for Unit # 5: How does participation in civil discourse, civic action, and democratic processes benefit American society? Explain the freedoms found in the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights and other amendments.

Dates: Semester 1: November 5th, 2018- November 19th, 2018. Test: Tuesday November 20th, 2018

Semester 2: April 8th, 2019- April 25th, 2019

Test: Friday April 26th, 2019

Chapter 18


Unit #6: “The Bill of Rights & Civil Liberties”

Essential Questions for Unit # 6: Explain how Americans’ commitment to freedom led to the creation of the Bill of Rights. What Rights does the Bill of Rights protect?

Dates: Semester 1: November 26th, 2018- December 13th, 2018. Test: Friday December 14th, 2018.

Semester 2: April 29th, 2019- May 16th, 2019

Test: Friday May 17th, 2019

Project: “Rights of the Accused Graphic Novel”

Chapter 19 & 20










Unit #7: “State and Local Government Systems”

Essential Questions for Unit #8: How do state, county, and local governments serve the needs of the citizens? How does a nation’s form of government impact social, political and economic aspects of people’s lives?

Dates: Semester 1: December 17th, 2018- January 18th, 2019

Test: Finals January 22nd & 23rd, 2019

Semester 2: May 20th, 2019 - May 31st, 2019

Test: Finals week of June 3rd, 2019.

Simulation: “NIMBY”

Chapters 24 &25



In addition to the above stated assignments students will be given other readings and maybe asked to right position papers based on information covered in class. Students will be expected to keep up on current events outside of the classroom; integrating current events into the curriculum will make the course more interesting and meaningful to the student.

Students wishing for help outside of the classroom will need to make an appointment with the instructor. Appointments with the instructor will be before school Quarter 4 and the last three weeks of Quarter 3 due coaching commitments.

There is no extra credit!