Geometry Syllabus for 2018-2019

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Course Description

Roosevelt’s Geometry course is a college preparatory mathematics course. In this course, we will investigate the following units:

  1. Building Blocks
  2. Lines and Angles
  3. Triangles Part 1
  4. Triangles Part 2
  1. Quadrilaterals
  2. Polygons
  3. Circles
  4. Solids

In each unit, students will…


Geometry can seem a bit different from students’ previous math courses. Mathematical investigation, pattern seeking, and proof are cornerstones of this course.


Some Expectations


GOOD ATTENDANCE.  Missing one day will often necessitate coming in before or after school for help immediately after absence.  Each day’s instruction builds on the previous day's work.  Absences without quick make-up may very well result in frustration and poor results in class.  If you are absent more than four days in semester, you put yourself at risk of failure. Tardies will be enforced per the school policy.

  Classroom materials must be brought to class every day

      Pen or Pencil


  Homework is given daily

      Geometry is a demanding course and requires that practice (homework) be completed the day assigned.  This course is sequential and without mastering the daily work, a student can quickly become frustrated and overwhelmed.

      Students are expected to bring any questions related to homework to class.



Your grade will mainly be based on your mastery of geometry objectives.  We will work on the objectives in class.  You will also have opportunities to practice them and you will be assessed with a quiz, a test, or a project.  Each of these will be graded by objective.  If you do not show mastery of an objective, you will need to practice more (with help from me or any math teacher or tutor) and then you can redo the assessment of that objective with me or a prearranged math teacher. Any make-up objectives must be done within two weeks of taking the unit test, subject to accommodation.  

Your grade for this class will be based on a point system.  You will earn points in the following categories (percentages are the weight of each category):

OBJECTIVES:            80%                             PRACTICE:    20%

Letter Grades will be assigned based on your percentage of points:

                        B+= 83 - 87%    C+= 71 - 75%    D+= 59 - 63%

A  = 91 - 100%  B  = 79 - 83%    C  = 67 - 71%    D  = 55 - 59%

                  A- = 87 - 91%    B- = 75 - 79%    C- = 63 - 67%    D- = 51 - 55%


·         Roosevelt tardy and electronics policies will be enforced.

·         Students are expected to be responsible for their own behavior.

·         No passes will be issued during the first or last 10 minutes of the class. 


Math Resources

·         Google

·         Khan Academy

·         YouTube



I am looking forward to a great year of mathematical growth!