U.S. History – Course Syllabus


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Course Description


U.S. History is a two-semester course where we examine events and issues that have shaped our country.   Throughout the course students will become familiar with the basic chronology and themes of American history.  We will analyze and evaluate a variety of sources from different perspectives using a variety of reading strategies in order to gain a deeper understanding of our country’s past and how that past affects us today. You will have the opportunity to learn and practice clear and effective communication skills (focused heavily on writing and discussion) that will be valuable for your future educational and career goals. In addition, all students will engage in a National History Day project.  The following is an outline of the course:


Quarter 1:

            Unit 1 – Three Worlds Converge

            Unit 2 – Revolution, Experiments, and Self Government


Quarter 2:

            Unit 3 – Expansion and Incursion

            Unit 4 – Crisis and Reform


Quarter 3:  (National History Day project due)

            Unit 5 – Industrial Revolution and Immigration

            Unit 6 – Progressive Era


Quarter 4:

            Unit 8 – Great Depression and New Deal

            Unit 9 – World War II

            Unit 10 – Civil Rights, the Cold War, and Beyond




Students must come to class with a pen or pencil, notebook, and folder.  All students will have a separate notebook for this class.  If you need supplies, please see Mr. Rugnetta.



Formative and summative assessments will include the following:




Assignments and assessments will be graded on the following scale:


A:   100% - 93%

A-:  92% - 90%

B+: 89% - 87%

B:   86% - 83%

B-:  82% - 80%

C+: 79% - 77%

C:   76% - 73%

C-:  72% - 70%

D+: 69% - 67%

D:   66% - 63%

D-:  62% - 60%

F:  Below 60%



Students will come to class prepared and on time. It is expected that all students will participate in the learning activities through reading, writing, and speaking.  All school rules will be followed and enforced by students and teacher.  We will follow the RHS cell phone policy.


All assignments will have a due date and students will be expected to complete and turn in work on time.  Students will be expected to talk to the teacher if they cannot make the due date and points may be deducted based on the circumstances.


My goal is to facilitate a student centered class.  In order for that to happen, we all need to work together to create a positive, respectful, collaborative community.


I am looking forward to a wonderful year!



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